Old AF Preview 2019

The concept of Old As Fuck was getting 3 aging comics on stage and doing their thing. This show was broken up into 4 segments; three sets and a "bonus track". The MC was Shen Mansell, the youngest of the performers but maybe his time in the comedy game makes him old as fuck!

The three performers were Andy Miller, Drop Dee and Jo Ghastly.

It started with Drop Dee singing; I guess every great show has a theme tune.

Andy Millar

He is a fairly new comic and was a South Island RAW finalist. His set was fairly funny I think.s It was primarily about happiness.

Andy started off by getting everybody to stand. This is not particularly good if you're in a wheelchair at the back. (my fault for requesting such a seat) I would say this is an effective way to get the audience engaged to start.

He told some story style jokes but I think that he was stronger on the shorter jokes. Though it's possible I have some kind of ADHD and don't really like longer jokes. The crowd seem to enjoy it.

Drop Dee

This guy is funny in parts. I particularly enjoyed the repetition of some lines.

He really shone in the bonus track.

He talked about meth a lot. I would say that his comedy is more darker and self depreciating which I practiced myself. Again I think that the audience enjoyed a lot of it.

It's worth noting that Drop Dee has been a finalist in the South Island RAW competition. I think his best stuff is good in small doses. Some of his material doesn't work for me however he still has his good moments.

He looked scruffier than the others, which is not an insult as I think that his look works for his particular style.


Jo Ghastly

She was certainly the strongest performer. She had good lines.

Her set was about the challenges with parenting and dealing with technology. Her set was relatable, even to this single millennial because of the technology references.

She brought along her kids and interacted with them, I found it hilarious. As with Andy it's different from one person talking on the stage; there's nothing wrong with that but change is good.

A rap was also done; she brought up an audience member to do a beat using his voice.

Bonus track

This was the three comics getting questions by MC Shen Mansell. I think that Drop Dee was really funny here in a self depreciating kind of way.

I didn't think that the closing of the show worked. This was unfortunate as I really enjoyed segments 3 and 4. The first two had good moments too.

Rework the ending I say.

It was also a good sized crowd; the room looked packed.

From my understanding they were doing an extended version of their upcoming show in September 2019. Perhaps they can trim and develop some bits. I would personally recommend the show, search Old AF on Facebook.

Disclosure: I was given a review ticket however my review style is objective with a positive tone.